River Oaks

River Oaks; A Closer Look

If you are a Houston native, when you hear the words River Oaks in relation to neighborhoods in Houston, you relate this to the words of elite, wealthy and expensive. You are right, it contains each aspect of those words in its own respect.

The River Oaks neighborhood was developed back in the 1920’s by the Hogg’s brothers, located in the middle of Houston. This neighborhood has maintained a high retention of its property values and appeal over decades and it does not seem to be slowing down in that area any time soon. Restoration to the older homes is becoming a trend all while keeping to it exclusivity and tradition with a mix of modern and a cozy home environment.

Home Life

With such amenities, such as their own dedicated police, exceptional schools and luxury shopping and restaurants, you can see why most people opt to want to stay in this area of Houston. This is also a friendly community, which for most is a shock to experience. River Oaks yards were made with more green space than any other neighborhood in the city. With a high upkeep of the neighborhood yards, it gives a very homey feel.

This is also an amazing area to go out and spend time with your family. The parks and recreation were implemented into the initial design with a purpose. The parks in the neighborhood include River Oaks Park, Del Monte Park, Olympia Park, Pine Valley Park, and Sleepy Hollow Park. This neighborhood is also minutes from Memorial Park, which is one the largest urban parks in the country. You can enjoy a nice jog right along with the other joggers enjoying the scenery.

Here are a few impressions of the Real Estate in this area via har.com:

  • Currently there are 125 homes for sale in River Oaks Area.
  • The average price of the homes for sale in River Oaks Area is $2,492,836.
  • The average square feet of the homes in River Oaks Area is 4,519 sqft.
  • There are currently 29 homes for lease in River Oaks Area subdivision.
  • The average rent in River Oaks Area is $2,587 at an average price of 2 per square foot.

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