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Selling During Holidays? Here’s why you should…

Selling During Holidays? Here’s why you should…

Beginning in the fall season, you start to see a housing market trend of less houses being sold.  As winter comes along, it gets colder, both in the weather market and homes for sale.  People are getting ready for the holidays and are more focused on home décor and family events. This causes the market to grow cold which leaves buyers with fewer options to look at. For you, as a seller, this is less competition. You can keep your house listed because buyers are always looking online at properties.  The home buyers still eagerly looking into the holiday season will likely be more serious and want to close sooner rather than later.  In return this could mean, selling your home faster and for more profit (hopefully).

Employers also tend to relocate employees for the new year. This is why keeping your home on market may benefit you.  Another point of consideration is that people have more time off during this season to look at properties.  Lenders and titles companies won’t have as many people coming in and out of their office which in turn can get the few people who are seriously interested in buying a house a quicker turnover rate in getting approved to buy close on their house. Lastly, with tax time right around the corner, buying a new home could be used as a tax write off (deductions for mortgage interest and real estate taxes).

There are many benefits to selling during the winter months.  Even if you are still skeptical and put it off to the first of the year, let Austin Luxury Realty Services making selling your home an easier process.


Joe Austin, II

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